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Crashes all the time

I love Zoho products but I was very disturbed with this app. I hoped for a HootSuite replace but completely let down. It crashes all the time and take forever to load on my iPhone 7. Does not show all of the social networks I have connected. Zoho please fix this!

Don't purchase!

You are given a free trial but once you make the purchase the app no longer works. This is a scam! 7/3/17: update: the company wrote a response here but has yet to respond to the numerous emails I've sent them--maybe because this is public--not really sure. Still questioning this company's legitimacy!


This app and software is phenomenal for any and all businesses to expand the demographic network of people that their marketing reaches. Very advanced and cutting edge, yet simple, clean design that is Easy to use. This could be the key for your business.


All I want is a crm to track and schedule, and post. I'm not a fan of hootsuite, and I was hoping this would be different. The metrics were promising but there's no way to actually use the app. Supposedly there's supposed to be a publish button or whatever on the right of the home page. It's not there. I keep getting unhelpful answers from their customer service. I guess it's back to hootsuite. Just deleted it. Never again.

Can't sign up

Every email address I enter says that the email address is invalid, so I can't try it.

Good overview but limited

This app needs more functionality like the direct URL has. And the notifications tab crashes the app every time you tap on it. Have re installed and refreshed the app over and over still so many issues. Plus the notifications do not refresh either. Now it says I have 435 in badge notifications. I want to upgrade the service but this app is the game changer. Needs to function when I'm on the go.

Doesn't show whole direct messages

I thought my clients weren't making sense, but then when I viewed their tweets in Twitter, I could see the entire Tweet. Really weird for a communications app.

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